About Us

Constantly developing Internet applications such as community portals or the SaaS model, which has been very popular recently, have contributed to the establishment of our company.

The market demand for IT specialists responsible for Internet applications’ stability and safety created a gap which has successfully been filled by our company.

We are a young team who are not afraid of innovative and unusual solutions.

Why Us?

Creation of a professional IT department is related to high employment costs. It is also quite a challenge to find appropriately qualified people.

Thanks to our offer, you will receive a solution which is both cheaper and more flexible.

Our Customers

NetMoms    FamBooks


If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

Paweł Mastalerz sysunit.net
Raciechowcie 241
32-415 Raciechowice

Phone: +48.662032329
E-mail: support@sysunit.net